Riptide GP Apk

Riptide GP apk is a racing game console for Android developed by Vector Unit that delivered water quality in detail. It features super-realistic physics of water, that reflects in real time, and fine details of the vehicles and environments. the application is for Tegra devices 3-3 additional players injected to high-normal-mapped therefore detailed and realistic water optimized to the camera, and a dramatic motion blur when the compressor.

The brilliant colours are clear in screen to activate every jump and stun in Riptide GP Apk. The highlight is the impact of splash, when the vessel creates enough of a wave to hit your point of view. back view, This creates the water lines that are separated from the screen, like rain on the windshield of a car. It looks incredible - and that i use that word sparingly.


Riptide GP Apk

Riptide GP Apk


UPDATED: April 27, 2012

Well, better for Android tablets. The Riptide GP features 12 tracks of futuristic jet 6, 3 different game modes: Race, Championship and fastest lap, Bluetooth and USB gamepad with OpenFeint support services. In general, Riptide GP apk is the most sophisticated pieces of arcade racing games as they move along, however here everyone, even in crisis, with the tip of the only true speed of more synthetic jet ski or the occasional obstacle. they are not bad by any means, however acts as a generic at times. there's nothing else to do but racetracks, acrobatics, Goofy, tricks or whatever, is a pure racing pleasure and experience.

Download Riptide GP Apk

This is a paid android app, go to google play store link below to download Riptide GP Apk for $1.99 (price could change sometimes):


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